Goebbert's Home Grown Tomatoes

by Holly Peterson on 08/18/2015

Goebbert's Home Grown Tomatoes

There are only five words we need to hear to know that one of the best summer days has arrived…

Home grown tomatoes are here!


The tomatoes growing in our fields are just waiting to be picked and created into the perfect meal or snack at your home. There is nothing better than a ripe, juicy tomato to add flair to your next meal. One of our favorite tomato recipes to make is bruschetta! You’ll find this recipe (and many others) in “A Taste of Goebbert’s: 2nd edition” available at the farm stand.




1 loaf French bread

1 clove garlic (large), halved

Plum or round tomatoes, cored & seeded



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Basil (torn into pieces)

Mozzarella cheese


Start by cutting your bread into ½” slices. Toast in oven or on the grill until golden brown. Immediately rub toasts with the cut clove of garlic. For tomato topping, core and seed tomatoes. Cut into small pieces and place in a large bowl. Season to taste with salt, pepper and olive oil. Stir in basil. To serve, spoon approximately 1 T. tomato mixture on each toast slice. Garnish with additional basil, if desired. cut mozzarella into small pieces and serve alongside bruschetta or on top of toasts.


How should you store tomatoes? We recommend leaving your tomatoes on your counter at room temperature. If you need to ripen them, you can put them outside in the sun for an hour to help the process. We don’t recommend storing tomatoes in the refrigerator because it steals the flavor from the tomato.


How do you cut the perfect tomato slice? We recommend cutting your tomatoes with a Goebbert’s serrated Tomato Knife - it’s always important to use a serrated knife to cut the skin for perfect sandwich slices! These are available at the farmstand on the tomato table - once you use the knife, you’ll come back and get more!


Stop by the farm stand today to get a batch of fresh tomatoes for your next meal. Our U-Pick fields will be opening on Saturday, August 22nd if you're interested in picking your own!


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