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Happy Birthday, Jim Goebbert!

by Emily Zoellick on 06/19/2019

We love to celebrate special occasions here at the Farm, and this last weekend we went all out for one of our own! Jim Goebbert, the family patriarch and not-quite retired Farmer, celebrated his 90th birthday with a grand party at the Farm.

            Jim celebrated with his wife Esther, his three children, all of their spouses, his seven grandchildren and all of their spouses, his seven great grandchildren,...

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Ice Ice Lately

by Emily Zoellick on 02/11/2019

Like most of you that are reading this blog post, our Farm has been encased in a heavy dose of ice recently. Happy Jack is simply freezing up there on his perch! He’s still smiling though, so that’s a good sight to see every day when it’s this cold and nasty outside! By the time we’re open for sweet corn, apples, and pumpkins, none of us are even going to remember how miserable this winter has been! (We hope!) Farmer Lloyd says we could use some cold weather without...

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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

by Emily Zoellick on 11/19/2018

It seems like only yesterday we were posting our last blog post….on July 26. You’ll have to forgive us for the delay in posting a new blog to our website. In the Fall, the Farm becomes a little bit…busy! Technically, November is still Fall, but not exactly pumpkin season any more so it’s a good time for all of us to play a little bit of catch up.

We certainly hope you were able to be a guest at the Farm at some point this Season, either by attending...

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Fall is Calling

by Emily Zoellick on 07/26/2018

Is it too early to talk about Fall?


            Good, because here at Goebbert’s it is always Fall in some way. Either it is summer and we are busy getting ready for it, or it is Fall and we’re in full apple-pumpkin mode, or it is winter or spring and we are recovering from it. It’s a good thing Fall is...

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Beet, Drink, and Be Married at Goebbert's Farm

by Emily Zoellick on 06/21/2018

        If you thought all the action happened at Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch during, well, pumpkin season, you are missing out! It’s a busy time of year for us here, and we have a lot of exciting plans that we are working on and getting ready right now. We thought we’d give you a little “behind the scenes” info on all the action that’s taking place this summer…at the pumpkin patch!

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